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3 Misconceptions About Studying Overseas

I had my tertiary education in Toronto, Canada. I studied there for 4 years, and I graduated in 2013 majoring in Biology and Psychology. Since I have studied overseas for four years, I think I am somewhat qualified to address some of the misconceptions surrounding the whole thing.

Starting with…

Misconception #1: Being overseas will make your English perfectly fluent.

Just because you are overseas doesn’t necessary mean that your English will be fluent.

Being in an English-speaking environment is a huge opportunity to improve your English fluency, but it doesn’t happen automatically. It is an opportunity, which means it will only benefit you if you choose to take it.

So don’t be surprised to find some Malaysians who come back home without having the ability to communicate in English well. One popular reason why they don’t improve their English communication skill is because they hung out with other Malaysians and ended up talking Malay all the time, in an English-speaking environment…

Do You Have Something to Tell the Malaysia's Prime Minister?

Remember that time when you wished you could say something to the Prime Minister's face?

Careful what you wish for, because it might just come true. In this case, it came true! Now, the people of Malaysia can interact with their Prime Minister using the Najib Razak app (available on the App Store and Google Play.

But before you go on a keyboard warrior mode, I would like to ask that you take a minute to think about what this means. This is an opportunity, a golden opportunity, to do a positive thing or a negative thing. You can choose whichever option you like.


I'm going to call out the elephant in the room: many people have issues with the Prime Minister.

I can imagine that many frustrated Malaysians will see this as another outlet for them to spew all their negative feelings on the Prime Minister, as if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Whatsapp, Telegram, and coffee shops are not enough. You can use this opportunity…