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Are We Raising Bullies?

Note: I translated this Facebook post written by Noor Afidah Abu Bakar from Parent Connect Consultancy

The video of a school pupil being bullied was spreading across Facebook. Recently, we are being bombarded by videos of bullying in schools. I am worried if this trend will lead to the society being desensitized by bullying, similarly to how our society sees wrestling as something entertaining and pranking as a joke.

According to a statement made by the Deputy Minister of Education, last year alone we have 3000 bully cases in schools. It seems like bullying is fast becoming a very serious issue. We haven't include cases outside of schools. One bully case is enough to cause worry in the society, let alone 3000.

We often focus on the school and the teachers for not punishing the bullies. We also often focus on the bullies themselves, and we want them to be in jail just to experience how it feels like being bullied by other inmates.

Sidenote: It is rather ironic that we hope that t…

Make Your Confidence Last Longer

There are two types of confidence: inner confidence and outer confidence.

Outer confidence is common, where you seek confidence from outside of yourself. A few examples of that are you seeking confidence from your peers (their approval give you confidence), from your looks (looking attractive makes you feel confident), or from your status (having titles elevate your confidence level).

Outer confidence is important, but it shouldn't be the core of a person's confidence. Why? To put it simply, outer confidence is temporary. It has a tendency to fade away.

Your peers will not be with you all the time. One day, they will go away. If they are not there to give you the approval you crave, then what happens to your confidence?

Your looks, no matter how hard you maintain it, has a natural tendency to decay with time. It is a part of the circle of life that we have to make peace with. When wrinkles start forming and white hairs start appearing, what will happen to your confidence then…