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Fear of Making Mistakes

Fear of making mistakes, fear of being laughed at, fear of rejection, fear of judgment, fear of not being good enough, or any other fears are all real and should be acknowledged, but many of them, if not all of them, are unreasonable.

One of the many possible reasons why those fears are unreasonable is because they stem from having an unrealistic expectation of themselves, of others, and/or of life in general.

These are among the many unrealistic expectations people can have:

1. They expect from themselves to be perfect.

This is an unrealistic expectation of themselves. No expert started off perfect. David Beckham probably missed a few kicks when he first started, Albert Einstein probably didn’t know how to calculate 2+2 at some point, William Shakespeare probably struggled with saying his first English word, and you most definitely fell down the first time you tried to walk. It is perfectly normal to expect imperfections.

The first time you do something will be decorated with many mis…

Does Your Child Scream Like Crazy in Public?

That's called a tantrum. No, your child is not possessed.

Last Sunday, my wife and I (together with our 9-month-old son) went to a parenting seminar in Shah Alam. The seminar was about children's mental wellbeing, a topic which doesn't get a lot of attention from the society.

Perhaps because the topic of mental health still has a lot of taboo associated with it. But I'm glad that we are slowing overcoming it, because we need to talk about it. It is like smelling smoke in the room, but no one has the guts to say anything about it.

The seminar covered a lot of the important basics, setting up a good foundation to understand mental wellbeing. Among the topics discussed were the definition of mental illness, the different domains of a human's wellbeing, and the differences between the different professionals in the mental health field (e.g. the difference between a clinical psychologist and a psychiatrist).

During Q&A, I took the opportunity to ask a question impor…