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5 Bad Reasons to Get Married

Your friends got married and you don't want to feel left out. Marriage isn’t like your school field trip, where you go only if your friends go. You should have your own stand in the matter, as opposed to following the trend. You are already an adult after all, so you should be able to weigh in the good and the bad in order to make a decision yourself. Plus, just because your friends get married doesn’t mean you should either. Maybe your friends are ready to get married, but you aren’t. Yet. Like fruits in a tree, they don’t all ripe at the same time. So you can’t pluck a fruit before its time. Be patient.You want to make your parents happy, by sacrificing your own happiness. It is truly a noble goal to make your parents happy. But with all due respect to our parents, we are the ones who will be living with our spouse, day in and day out. If we don’t want to be in that relationship to begin with, then that could open up so many doors for bad things to happen. Plus, it is a bit iron…