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Polygamy is Unfair


I have a question about polygamy.

When I read on how to have a good family in Islam, it is said that women have to be presentable and adorn themselves all the time, take effort and time to beautify themselves, to always meeting their husband's needs. If not, their husbands will shift their attention to other more attractive women out there.
While men, it is in their nature to always notice beautiful women so it is not them to be blamed. Plus, they have this right of polygamy, and often cases that I heard, they get married when they're bored with their first wives. What is this? Why do men think of women as just one option, with back up options in mind. They can find another women and get married again whenever they like.

Why are only women who need to struggle more to make marriage work?

I feel even more disgusted when I witness this from some male public figures. Thus I've been thinking of this for a long period of time already, and most of my girlfriends…

Little Baby Brother and Big Bad Attitude


I have a problematic little brother.

He is the youngest and we (the older siblings) tried our best to educate and nurture him in our own way. When he stepped into secondary school, we found out that his attitude was changing and his studies was declining. Our parent was asked to come to school on multiple occasions due to his misbehaviour. 

We tried to focus our attention on him. We tried to help him with his studies and help him remove his bad attitudes and behaviours. But, he is still the same.

Please help. Thank you.


Salam wbt.

Thank you for sharing.

I have to be honest: I don't know your brother. So, it is rather challenging for me to give an accurate answer specific to his situation. I can't give a textbook answer because human beings aren't textbook beings. Each is unique.

What I can do in this situation is offer you a few general guidelines:

First of all, the foundation for an effective communication is knowing who you are talking to. Even if we are sp…

Youth and Love

On Twitter, someone asked me, “Why do public speakers now, when talking to the youth, the topics are the same, namely love and relationship related? It’s like they don’t have any other ideas."

I can’t speak for other public speakers, but I can speak from myself based on my own personal experience speaking to the public, especially to the youth. I don’t have a lot of experience. I’ve only been in this arena for about 4 years. There are people who have been in it for much, much longer than that so I don’t claim to know more than them and I don’t claim to be an expert of any kind.

This is just a simple observation based on a limited experience. Based on my experience, I can see why that question arises and I am sure that the person is not the only one with the question in mind. When it comes to the youth, it does seem like there aren’t any other topics being discussed other than topics related to love and relationship. But that is largely because those topics are demanded from the …