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Remembering Old Glories

It is tempting to remember all the great things we used to be able to do. While it is advisable to gain inspiration from the greatness of our past, we should not live in it.

Since primary school up until secondary school, I used to ride my bike to school every single day. It wasn't a fancy bike, like the ones we commonly see today, but it can get the job done. 8km per day bike ride was a piece of cake for my primary school self. I can still play soccer later that day.

I was not special. Most kids back in my day were fit as a fiddle. We played outside.

I still think back on those days every now and then, to remember what it was like. Sometimes I think that I am still as fit as I was, even though the current evidence suggests otherwise.

I am living in my past, as opposed to taking inspiration from it. Even in my delusion, somewhere in the back of my mind I know that I was not in my best physical shape. Sometime from my university years until today, my fitness level slowly deteriora…