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The Problem with Human Problems

The problem with human problems is not the problems, but it is the humans who are looking at the problems.

More often than not, we like shortcuts and simplicity. In many cases, those things work well and they keep the earth spinning and moving. However, being obsessed with shortcuts and simplicity can create an illusion of an ideal world and that things should go according to the ideal way.

If we are talking about robots, then that is definitely the case. Robots will follow the algorithms set in their programming (unless you watch too many apocalyptic movies). But even then, we still can end up with glitches.

Humans are not robots. The same medicine may or may not work for two different human beings. We like to think that the same medicine will work because we like to think that we are all exactly the same. That knowledge keeps our worries at bay, but it does not acknowledge a simple fact which actually can solve the problem rather than simply sweeping the dusts under the carpet. Th…

Don't Judge the World by Its Cover

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

I find that to be a very profound analogy. They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; if you truly want to know and understand the book, then you have to read through its pages one by one until the end.

Imagine the world like being a book. What if we judge the world by its cover? What if we judge the world just after reading a page of it? Would that be a fair picture of the world? It would not.

We have to get out of our page and explore other pages. We have to get out of our chapter and explore other chapters. We might discover things that are different than what we are accustomed to.

Different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Different doesn’t necessarily mean wrong. Different could represent another side of good and right. We might discover other beautiful ways of living, that are in no way less beautiful and meaningful than our ways.

Of course, we can disagree with differences, but th…

The True Measure of a Man's Character

The news of Tok Guru Nik Aziz's passing is still fresh in people's minds. I personally never met him face to face but I have attended his speech. What I can say about the man is that he had a unique presence, one that aroused awe and respect - no matter whether you agree or not with his political stance.

Having said that, a testimony by me doesn't truly grasp the man he was. But a testimony from his wife, however, paints a clearer and truer picture. Who better to know a man than his wife? She lived with him, knew him in good times and in bad times, saw him in his best and in his worst, and was by his side in the house and outside of the house.

A praise by your Facebook likers and Twitters followers doesn't even come close to a praise by your beloved wife. People who watch you on social media or attend your live speech don't know you beyond what they see in those brief moments. They admire you for a part of who you are, not the whole of you. Very few people know you…

Live Simply, So That Others May Simply Live

These are my thoughts after watching the documentary "We The Tiny House People: Small Homes, Tiny Flats & Wee Shelters" on Youtube.

After we got married, my wife and I started thinking about owning our own house. It is becoming more and more apparent that owning a house in Malaysia is more and more difficult; the price is going nowhere but up. People around us are poking us so that we buy a house quickly before the price hikes higher. That means that we have to loan from a bank.

There are at least three questions I asked myself and my wife about what I mentioned above.

No. 1: Do we need to own a house? I know this might come as a shock to some, since owning a house is considered a necessity. But to me, it is a question worthy of consideration. Can we live off of renting someone's house? Is that a viable option and a comfortably way of living? I am not saying that I don't want to own a house. I am only questioning the need for it. My parents bought a house for us …