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Depression: A Lack of Faith in God?

Assalammu'alaikum brother Aiman.

First of, thank you for reading my email. I hope you can have this question of mine to be discussed thoroughly, or you can just give your own opinion on it.

I know someone with depression and she has been ridiculed for it.

One person said, that the girl has lack of faith and not strong enough. The person kept on saying that lack of faith in God is the cause for her depression. So the person said that her depression must have come from within herself. 

So here are my questions:

Are we even allowed by the Islamic law to have depression? Or any mental illnesses for that matter?Should we blame the patient for not having faith in God, just because the patient said she want to kill herself?Giving in to haters is one thing, but do we even have the right to judge or ridicule those who did, and ended up being diagnosed as depressed?The user said depression relates with religion. You lack faith, you might get depressed. What's your opinion in this?
I really fe…

Public Speaking: A Valuable Skill

There are skills you just don’t learn from textbooks. In fact, you can’t.

When learned and possibly mastered, these skills can distinguish one from the crowd and in this day and age where the crowd is much bigger than before, being different from the crowd might be what one needs.

Most of what makes a skill is not theory, hence you can’t learn it in a class or two. Theory can only take you so far. A skill is honed beyond the four walls of a classroom, through real life experiences. In other words, you have to get out there and try it.

Learning through experience requires one to be brave enough to make mistakes (not deliberately, of course). Making mistakes is not something that you want to put in your CV under the “educational background” section.

However, making mistakes is by far one of the best ways to learn and to improve yourself. Even if you are not willing to share your mistakes with others, you should at least be willing to try your best, while knowing that mistakes can be jus…

Family: I Don't Come From A Religious Background

Assalamualaikum brother Aiman.

I hope you can spend a lil bit of your time to read this. I don't know where and who I want to express this.

Well this is about my family. I'm not from a religious background. Two years ago Allah chose me to enter a university with a good environment. I can feel a lot of changes in myself. I started to complete my Solah and so on. I can see things which is wrong and which is good.

But the problem is, I don't have enough courage to do Ibadah when I'm at home. My father doesn't perform Solah and so do some of my siblings. I feel so depressed and I don't know how to deal with this.

I read about Islam and mostly asked me to do good to parents but I don't know, dude. Sometimes I wonder why Allah put me in this situation. I'm so jealous to see my friends' family mostly came from religious background. Their parents gave them knowledge about Islam and advice them in many ways. Their parents are so close with them. But my pare…

Relationship: The Break Up

Hi Abang Aiman. My name is ######. I'm 16 and currently studying in ######.

Right now, I have a problem. I really hope that you can lend me your ears and guide me through it. The thing is, I have a girlfriend. I really love and have feeling for her. After reviewing perspectives on love in Islam, I realize that I can't have this relationship with her. I realize that it is wrong. So at one point, I asked for a break up. I felt so bad for everything. If I could, I would marry her. But I can't. We're still in school and I'm not ready for it.

Now, she couldn't control her feelings and feels extremely emotional in class. Yes, we are in the same class. She is always upset. I want both of us to focus on our studies. But I always get jealous when she hangs out with other guys. Should I get jealous?

I really have sincere feelings for her. Since the breakup, she cries so often. I felt so bad as I broke her heart. I don't know what to do now. I'm lost. My heart is c…