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A Maid, a Babysitter, or a Wife?

If you want a woman to do all the house chores and look after your every need, then what you want is a maid and a babysitter – not a wife.

This one is for the guys.

It is a disturbing trend that women are pressured into getting married, and when they finally tie the knot, their life becomes more miserable than when they were single. This paints a horrible picture of marriage in the minds of women. On one hand, they are being told that they have an “expiration date” and have to get married quickly or fear the consequences of staying single. On the other hand, once they are married, they become a slave in the household.

No wonder there are women who want to opt out, i.e., not get married at all. Who can blame them? Any normal individual wouldn’t want anything to do with such an oppressive concept of marriage.

This isn’t to say that marriage is like a fairy tale; it has its ups and downs. Marriage isn’t always pretty. There are bills to pay, kids to feed, a house to maintain, different p…