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5 Things I Have Learned in My University Years

After 4 years in university, I think I have learned a lot. At least I hope so, because those 4 years weren't cheap.

I have benefited greatly from the classes I attended in university. But at the same time, I believe I have gained many wonderful lessons from my experiences outside of the four walls of the classroom. I might even argue that I learned more outside of the classroom, than inside of it.

In any case, whether it be inside or outside of the classroom, both are important reservoirs of knowledge and understanding for purposes far greater than simply getting good grades and graduating with an expensive piece of paper.

So what have I learned? Here are 5 (out of many):

Life is beyond any textbook. I cannot navigate through life with a black and white syllabus, but with a colourful guide.

Each individual human being is unique. The same problem can manifest itself in different ways in different people. I should not rely on one-size-fits-all answers because most questions have no…