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From Single Aiman To Married Aiman: A Letter

On Friday, December 13th, 2013 at around 12:30pm (a few hours before my wedding), I wrote this letter to myself as a form of reminder. I want to remember these things for the years to come Insha Allah. 

These are some reminders to myself about being a husband, a father, and a person in general

Dear Married Aiman,

As a husband, I hope that you think of your wife as your partner. She is neither your boss nor your employee. She is your partner. She has opinions, thoughts, and feelings – so listen to them. Listen more, talk less. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two from her.

Have honest conversations with her. Discuss things. You’re going to disagree, so handle disagreements well. Don’t expect her to be like you. She’s not like you and she never will be like you. She is a unique individual, with her own personalities. Don’t forget that she’s a woman, and you and I both know that there’s a lot that we need to learn about women. Don’t expect uniformity. Uniformity doesn’t lead to u…

Aiman Azlan's Bio

Before 2011, I was practically unknown. I was playing around with blogging since 2006, trying to find my voice in writing. During my quest to find my niche, on one fine day in March 2011, I decided to make my first Youtube video in a small one-bedroom apartment I was sharing at the time with three of my friends.

I didn't think too much of it, until strangers on the internet started watching and sharing. Seeing its potential for doing some good, I decided to continue making Youtube videos. That's how I became a Youtuber.

What was once a simple attempt at trying a new thing became a career path, especially when people are inviting me outside of my small apartment and onto the center stage to speak in public. From a handful of invitations to monthly invitations, that's how I became a public speaker.

Along this timeline, my author friend, Hilal Asyraf, persuaded me to write a book. So I did, and now I have books published with my name on them, something that I didn't thin…

Between No Emotions, Being Emotional, and Being Too Emotional

I watched a Youtube video about Malaysian politics and I was inspired to write this post.

It is hard not to be emotional at times. Some might say it is impossible, because human beings cannot be divorced from emotions.

So it is not wrong to be emotional but like everything else, balance is key.

Feeling no emotions is problematic. Those who can't feel emotions usually have psychological issues. Emotions enable us to be human and enable us to gauge our actions (Note: not all the time).

For example, I feel guilty when I wrong someone. That emotion will motivate me not to repeat the same mistake again. But what if I don't feel guilty? What if I don't feel anything? I'd be more likely to do it again.

Aside: What about feeling the wrong emotions? Instead of guilt, I feel pleasure. Okay, now that is a huge red flag.

Feeling too much emotions is also problematic. Those who are too emotional are usually out of control. They can't think straight and they do/say things tha…