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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eid Cards - Name List
On Thursday, I posted a video on Youtube. I talked about the tradition of giving and receiving Eid greeting cards.

Oh, and I wanted to write Eid greeting cards to 50 of you!

A special thanks to Fiqri Ramli for designing these cards on short notice. 

The offer has ended and I received about 426 sign ups from people from different parts of the world. I randomly picked 50 people, but then, I thought that 50 is too few.

So I picked 100! 
  1. Puteri Noor Alia bt Megat Mohd Noor (Malaysia)
  2. Astrie Fadhilah Abdul Rahim (Malaysia)
  3. Ummu Atirah binti Muhammad (Malaysia)
  4. Siti Nurizzatee binti Azlee (Malaysia)
  5. Ainur Najihah bt Zulkifli (Malaysia)
  6. Nur Adibah bt Mohd Zaki (Malaysia)
  7. Nur Fadhilla binti Zainudin (Malaysia)
  8. Nur Aliah Izzah binti Abdullah (Malaysia)
  9. Zur Azureen (Malaysia)
  10. Mimie Hamidah (Malaysia)
  11. Nur Hanida binti Abdullah Thani (Malaysia)
  12. Izzati Hazirah Bohari (Malaysia)
  13. Amirah Wahidah Mohd Rusli (Malaysia)
  14. A'attiyyah binti Ab Alim (Malaysia)
  15. Diyanah binti Mohaidin Gani (Malaysia)
  16. Amira binti Mohd Nasib (Malaysia)
  17. Amalina binti Amir (Malaysia)
  18. Mohd Aminudin bin Murad (Malaysia)
  19. Nurul Natasha Md. Ali (Malaysia)
  20. Mohd Zulffy Royhadlin (Malaysia)
  21. Murni Nabilla binti Jamaludin (Malaysia)
  22. Mohammad Amirulhakim (Malaysia)
  23. Shafiqah Azman (Malaysia)
  24. Maya Sara (Malaysia)
  25. Ahmad Naqiuddin Wahid@Ab Wahid (Malaysia)
  26. Nur Hafizah Muhammad (Malaysia)
  27. Siti Fatimah binti Kather Hussain (Malaysia)
  28. Muzamir Ab. Samad (Malaysia)
  29. Nur Fatihah binti Mohd Radzi (Malaysia)
  30. Nur Shereena bt Abdullah (Malaysia)
  31. Aizan Fahri Kamarulzaman (Malaysia)
  32. Wan Ardeena (Malaysia)
  33. Sharifah Alia binti Syed Osman (Malaysia)
  34. Faizah binti Ismail (Malaysia)
  35. Nabilah Mohd Najib (Malaysia)
  36. Nur Nabila Najla bt Norizan (Malaysia)
  37. Fatin Syazwani binti Zafrullah (Malaysia)
  38. Nik Norhanani binti Mohd Ghani (Malaysia)
  39. Nurul Azreen binti Mohd Husni (Malaysia)
  40. Khadijah Anis Aisyah Mohd Azmi (Malaysia)
  41. Nur Sarah bt Ab Majid (Malaysia)
  42. Mohamad Fauzan (Malaysia)
  43. Nuha Farhana bt Muhamad Akhir (Malaysia)
  44. Norsalina binti Rawaji (Malaysia)
  45. Nur Atiqah bt Mohamad Razif (Malaysia)
  46. Afi Zulwaqar bin Rasid (Malaysia)
  47. Maryam binti Norazan (Malaysia)
  48. Asiah Husain (Malaysia)
  49. Nuramirah Izzati bt Muhamad Norazam (Malaysia)
  50. Mohamad Efan Fazril bin Zahari (Malaysia)
  51. Asma Hussein (Sweden)
  52. Dania (Tunisia)
  53. Amina A. Hassan (Norway)
  54. Muhammad Hafidz bin Hasan (Russia)
  55. Tazkia Tasnim (Bangladesh)
  56. Sharifah Asma bt Syed Tarmizi Jamalulil (Japan)
  57. Rozaini binti Abdullah (The Netherlands)
  58. Hajar Moujib (Morocco)
  59. Yasmina Arkoubi (Morocco)
  60. Rushan (India)
  61. Tuan Muhd Ridzuan bin Tuan Hussin (India)
  62. Nor Hafizah binti Abdullah Nazri (South Korea)
  63. Nurhayati binti Ramli (South Korea)
  64. Rafee Hoque (Canada)
  65. Hadia Mahwish (Canada)
  66. Eethar Ismail (Canada)
  67. Azura Yasin (Egypt)
  68. Ahmad Lutfi (Egypt)
  69. Amirah binti Ahmad Zaki (Egypt)
  70. Aulia Arshad (Indonesia)
  71. Putri Panca Meiriasari (Indonesia)
  72. Alvina Amir (Indonesia)
  73. Khadijah Hasbullah (Republic of Ireland)
  74. Khalilah Alhuda (Republic of Ireland)
  75. Ahmad Zuhri Shin (Republic of Ireland)
  76. Safwana Nurwidad Safri (Australia)
  77. Tahir Abdul Gaffoor (Australia)
  78. Nurul Syakirin bt Mohd Nazar (Australia)
  79. Siti Rasyidah Muskapah (Australia)
  80. Al-Kautsar (Australia)
  81. Nuraisyah Radhiah Samsudin (New Zealand)
  82. Nur Fairuz Sabrina Hashim (New Zealand)
  83. Nuruljannah Musa (New Zealand)
  84. Amirah Ahmad Sabry (New Zealand)
  85. Falmata Mohamed (USA)
  86. Yasmine Kareem (USA)
  87. Maisarah Razali (USA)
  88. Siti Nur Aishah Mohd Zain (USA)
  89. Hassim (UK)
  90. Muhammad Haziq Furqan (UK)
  91. Nur Atiqah Abdul Jalil (UK)
  92. Hajah Ili Amni Majdiah Haji Zulkipli (UK)
  93. Humaira bte Julfikar Khan (Singapore)
  94. Saerah bte Abdul Latiff (Singapore)
  95. Siti Nurfaizah binte Mahat (Singapore)
  96. Fariq Kader (Singapore)
  97. Noraziqah Aziz (Brunei)
  98. Nur Fadillah Umu Habibah binti Nudin (Brunei)
  99. D N Z Pg Mohamad (Brunei)
  100. Syafiqah Hj Taib (Brunei)
Thank you to all who signed up. If your name is not in the list above, please don't be sad. That's the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve. The point of this initiative is to inspire all of you to share Eid with everyone. Even if you don't receive my Eid card, I hope you will still write Eid cards to others.

Smile :)

My name is Aiman Azlan. I have rich experience in youth engagement, both online and offline. I am passionate about social issues involving the local youth community. In 2015, I founded Aiman Azlan Academy to empower the youth with sustainable self-confidence through effective communication skill.


  1. I'm not listed. Now I'm sad. T_T

  2. Lucky number 7, yeayyyy! Alhamdulillahh! Can't wait for it! Thanks abg aiman! ^.^

  3. Alhamdulillah, my name is on the list! hope the card will make it here, ameen.
    thank you so much brother Aiman, may Allah repay you with bigger rewards inshallah.

    PS: the white card with black font is my favorite! ;)

  4. alhamdulillah. termasuk dlm list jgk. thank you very much.

  5. Alhamdulillah.. So excited to be listed.. thank you Aiman ^^

  6. Subhanallah Aiman.. Thank you ! :-D Will be waiting for that limited edition card. ;-) It would be an honor if I can reply to your card. :-)

  7. arghh scrollong like 10th time to check whether my name is listed or not. apparently magic no happen. me is sad.

  8. ths year i didn't receive any hari raya cards.. ='(

  9. *joget gentlemen* aku dpt! alhamdulilah! thanks aiman!

  10. bila nak sampai kad tu ? waiting for posman

  11. just received my eid card. thanks for the du'a and wishes. may Allah bless u and your family :)

  12. hey my card just arrived this morning and i was very happy for your wishes. Allah bless you, brother :)


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