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Sunday, May 05, 2013

5/5/2013 - Malaysian General Election
Photo by Umar Mita

1. Don't vote for a party just because your parents are voting for that party. 

A legal voter is at least 21 years old. I hope that person is mature enough to think for him/herself.

Allah commands us to have ihsan (excellence) with our parents. That does not mean that we nod our heads and agree with everything. There is also ihsan in disagreements if one exercises Prophetic manners.

2. Don't vote based solely on popularity or current trend.

Educate yourself. Listen to all sides, consider them, perform istikharah (recommended), and make a decision.

3. Don't hold any ill-feelings towards those who don't support the same party as you do. 

What kind of environment are we creating for future generations if two people who support different parties can't get along? What maturity are we displaying in that?

If a person wants to vote Party A, then respect his/her decision. It's his/her right to do so. You can try to convince him/her to change his/her mind, but the final say doesn't rest on you.

Disagreements don't necessarily make enemies.

4. Mind your own business. 

Don't go around asking people which party they're voting for (or against).

That's all.

Lets exercise our right, and lets exercise it wisely.


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