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O God, Make Me a Servant

I find that helping people, just for the sake of God, to be therapeutic.

An Honoured Station

Expect nothing in return except for the ability to serve. Ask God for that. Ask Him to make us servants - servants of the people. Ask Him to put us in the position of service. Honestly, the position of service is an honourable position in the sight of God.

The Prophets were servants - they served their people and they ultimately served God.

Those who serve others are following the footsteps of the Prophets, and really, whose footsteps are better than those of the Prophets?

A Path to Contentment

When you serve others, you are stepping into worlds beyond your own. In effect, those whom you served are stepping into yours too. This sharing of worlds is more than an exchange in perceptions, rather an expansion of perceptions.

You start to realize that the problems that you personally have aren't that bad. You start to realize how big the world is, with its infinite possibilities. The world is not…

Emotional Bullying

Emotional bullying is the worst kind of bullying out there.

Where is the pain?

If you punch someone in the face, you see the blood and your hand would probably hurt too. You know where the wound is and you can treat it. It'll heal pretty quickly too.

But if you hurt someone emotionally, you will not see the blood nor will you feel any pain in your hands like when you punch someone. The person you've bullied may or may not display the signs of pain and you may or may not remember hurting that person.

You don't know where the wound is and you don't know where to apply the bandage. Chances are, it won't heal in a day or two.

People who bully physically have done something wrong, but people who bully emotionally have done something worse. The worst of them all are the ones who do both, and that happens a lot unfortunately.

Poisonous tongues

Emotional bullying can be done in many ways, but the method of emotional bullying that we often take for granted is inflicted usin…

An Eye Opener

Today, I learned about visual impairment in my Psychology class.

We watched a video about 3 individuals with different visual impairments.


The first individual was a kid named John.

He was blind from birth, but he was far from handicapped. He was an intelligent kid with big dreams. He wanted to be many things, among them were an astronaut, a dispatcher, and a newscaster.

One of John's friends said something beautiful. She said, "Blind kids are normal, they just can't see."

I don't know why, but what she said almost made me cry.


The second individual was a teenager named Kyle.

Due to a medical complication early in his life, the doctor had to perform a procedure that rendered him blind. But the doctor didn't blind his abilities. Depending solely on his keen tactile sense and his ear for music, he could play the piano very well. On top of that, he had the dispositions of an actor and he was chosen to act in his school plays.


The third individual…