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Redefining and Refining Da'wah

On Facebook, I came across a video by Shaykh Usama Canon about Da'wah (link to the video) and I highly encourage everyone to watch it.

Then, I scrolled down to the comment section to read a few comments. Usually, this is a bad decision on my part because 8 times out of 10, the comment section (be it on Facebook or Youtube) is filled with disappointments.

But Alhamdulillah, I am glad that I scrolled down to that particular comment section because I found gems upon gems of honest views from honest people, about Da'wah. I want to share those views with you all here:

Person #1

I don't think I understand bringing people to Islam, that seems pushy and semi forceful. The attempts of some people doing dawah is to challenge a person's faith and practices; to bring the other down. That is inflicting a trauma on another human being. That is oppression.

I wonder if dawah could be explained in a different way?

Say perhaps, wanting for another human being to feel a safe and contente…

My Weird (but Awesome) Dream

This is a dream I had.

Out of anger, I punched a guy's face so hard that I might have cracked a few bones (hey relax, it's a dream). I ran away because I was feeling guilty. He ran after me.

Oh, the suspense!

Maybe I was too slow because the guy caught up with me in the end. So, I gave in. Plus, I knew that I deserved the punishment. I told the guy to punch me back in the face, just as hard as I punched him.

I was scared, because I knew it was going to hurt badly. I closed my eyes and waited for the fist.

The guy just gave me a nudge, and he smiled.

That was it. He didn't punch me back, even though in all honesty, I deserved that punch.

He forgave me instead.

I woke up, with tears down my cheeks.