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Monday, September 21, 2009

My First Eid in Canada

When you celebrate Eid without your family around for the first time, surely there will be a story to tell. But I don't like to write long posts. So, here's what happened in 2 days...summarized.

Eid in downtown Toronto. Slept at Salman's. Last iftar went to a restaurant in front of U of T. Ate burger. So delicious. Cook for Eid (nasi lemak, kebab, and rendang).

Eid day. Wake up. Planned to pray at CNE. Rendezvous at Union Station at 9.00am. 8.10am still in bed. Managed to get ready anyway. I borrowed Salman's baju Melayu. Took pictures. Walked to the subway, eyes on us. We were colourful.

Group photo in front of Salman's house

At CNE, whollotta people! All colours and all kinds of dress. Takbir was very energetic, not like Malaysia. Met Naim, a Pakistani man who lived in Malaysia for 10 years. Fluent Malay. Prayed. Khutbah was about giving to the needy.

Muslims of different backgrounds all together for Eid prayer

Went out to meet the rest of the gang. Took more pictures. Lots of them.

Group photo outside of CNE with my batchmates

Pot luck time! Before that, needed to go back to the house to take the food cooked the night before. Lots of walking. Very hungry (no breakfast). Many people in pot luck party. Food was great. I ate till I dropped. Everybody was there.

Pot luck party!

This was our pot luck contribution: nasi lemak

Prayed Zohor and off to Mississauga for a open house after a lot of thinking because a lot of homework to be done. We're not gonna do them anyway so we went.

I took my stuff at Salman's. Prayed Asar. Went to Mississauga. Long journey. Arrived during Maghrib time. Ate first. Delicious.

Back home, the end.


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