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My First Eid with the MSA


I went to my first Eid Dinner organized by UTM MSA.

Sheikh Alaa' Elsayed, an Imaam from Masjid ISNA, gave a tazkirah about "A New Beginning". The title of the tazkirah was also the theme of the dinner. He asked us what have we learned having went through 30 days of Ramadhan. Did we "graduate" the "school" of Ramadhan with flying colours?

Sheikh Alaa' is the kind of sheikh who can do stand up and tazkirah at the same time. Very funny guy.

Even with all the jokes that he did, he managed to drive his point home. His talk really struck me hard. It took me 30 days of Ramadhan, a week of Eid, and a lot of screw ups to come to a point where I put my foot down and say, "Ya Allah, it's time."

What better time to change than now?

I just hope this time, it'll be for good.


A bit about the dinner, some memory notes, the food was awesome! We had chicken, mash potato, this thingy with mayonnaise ( I don't know what it wa…

My First Eid in Canada


When you celebrate Eid without your family around for the first time, surely there will be a story to tell. But I don't like to write long posts. So, here's what happened in 2 days...summarized.

Eid in downtown Toronto. Slept at Salman's. Last iftar went to a restaurant in front of U of T. Ate burger. So delicious. Cook for Eid (nasi lemak, kebab, and rendang).

Eid day. Wake up. Planned to pray at CNE. Rendezvous at Union Station at 9.00am. 8.10am still in bed. Managed to get ready anyway. I borrowed Salman's baju Melayu. Took pictures. Walked to the subway, eyes on us. We were colourful.

At CNE, whollotta people! All colours and all kinds of dress. Takbir was very energetic, not like Malaysia. Met Naim, a Pakistani man who lived in Malaysia for 10 years. Fluent Malay. Prayed. Khutbah was about giving to the needy.

Went out to meet the rest of the gang. Took more pictures. Lots of them.

Pot luck time! Before that, needed to go back to the house to take the f…

Not Just a Cloth

Surrounded by strangers I'm all alone,
My sight can't rest on the same spot,
I only wish somebody was home,
To be my shade in this town so hot.

It's not a cloth but a jewelry,
Maybe cheap but priceless in value,
Brightly lit your true beauty,
Protecting others, not only you.

Among all others you stand out,
It's easy to see a light in the dark,
I can hear clearly your silent shout,
"I'm a Muslim, in action and in heart!"