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Canada, Here I Come!



JPA asked us to be there at 5.00pm even though the flight is at 12.00am. No time for protest, just went with the flow. Went to Counter L in International Departure section and checked in my bags at L14 (I think). A JPA officer gave me MAS tags to identify my bags and "Malaysia Student" badge. Surprisingly, my fully loaded bags only weigh 36kg in total. The limit is only 2 bags, 23kg each. I'm safe!

After checking in, spent time with family until 8.45pm for briefing. It was a long wait. Got bored a bit. Broke fast at KFC and prayed at the surau nearby.

Briefing time! Mr. Azlan gave the 1st briefing. Telling us what to do in the plane and when we get there. And then another dude (I forgot his name!) gave the next briefing, reminding us why we're going to Canada for (hint : not for shopping) and out of nowhere, elected me as chief of the group (Sigh).

Spent some time with family to say good bye. Touching moment when I saw my dad cried. Gave me something t…