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Giving a Speech at MRSM Langkawi


Another entry to my crowded sweet memories. I was invited by Mr. Roslam to give a speech on behalf of all Infineight. To be honest, I was really nervous because the hall was full and I had to stand there and talk. Plus, I just prepared my speech on the ferry ride to Langkawi. You should see my notes...they were like cave drawings.

But you know what, I pulled myself together because I was there to give advice to my little brothers and sisters especially the ones which are going to sit for their SPM exam. So I went up there and I screwed up my introduction. Nervousness started to build up but I tried to pull myself together and determined to achieve my purpose.

Out of a sudden, this odd comfort feeling just came to me and I was talking my way through my speech like I was practicing it all night long. There are some who said that I was giving a sermon up there. I smiled. But at least I managed to give a significant impact to the audience (I hope) because that's my main int…