Saturday, November 07, 2015

SPEAK UP! | Seminar Registration

  • aim to improve your English speaking, but don't know how to practice?
  • get teased whenever you try to speak in English?
  • feel like there is nobody around to speak English with?
  • fear being judged if you speak in English?
  • want to speak better with foreigners?
  • think that the reason you are not confident is because of your bad English?

28 November 2015 (Saturday)

2PM - 6PM

Auditorium PPAK (Public Library), Alor Setar

 Individual: RM40 per person
Group of 3: RM30 per person (total RM90)


Muhammad Aiman bin Azlan, or better known as Aiman Azlan, is a Youtube vlogger, public speaker, and writer. 

His aptitude for Psychology leads him to explore social issues especially those related to the youth such as love, identity, family relationship, education, and self-worth. Among his many preferred topics is about self-confidence and one of the ways he addresses the topic is through teaching the youth how to acquire and improve English speaking through seminars he organized under his company Aiman Azlan Academy. 

Although not a native English speaker, he speaks English in all of his Youtube videos and in many of his public talks. 

Snippet from previous seminar:

The first 10 to complete the registration will each get a FREE copy of the book "The Other Side of the Coin" written by Aiman Azlan and Ameen Misran.

Whatsapp: 013 416 4652

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Reg. No: RA0038678-T

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