Why Do We Read?

My name is Aiman Azlan. I am a motivational speaker, a Youtuber, a social media influencer, and an author. I wrote and published 3 books to date: Hidup Penuh Erti (2014), The Other Side of the Coin (2014), and Bercinta Selepas Nikah (2015).

Having said that, can I be honest about something? I don’t like reading.

There, I said it.

It might be a bit weird for an author to not like reading, given that he writes books hoping that other people will read them. But if you look at it differently, it is not weird at all because you don’t need to like reading to become an author. In fact, you don’t need to like reading to read.

Reading, at the core of it, has nothing to do with liking it or not. Why? Because in principle, reading is not a hobby. Reading is a need. To put it simply, I think of reading the same way how I think of exercising.

It doesn’t matter if you like exercising or not. The fact is, you need to exercise regardless. Otherwise, your physical health will deteriorate. That is …

Owning Your First House? Here are 3 Things You Should Know!

Earlier this year, my wife and I bought a house.

Owning a house is everybody’s daydream, but the process of owning one can seem like a nightmare because of the amount of debts you are getting yourself into.

To start with, my wife and I am not a big fan of debts. We don’t own credit cards, we own a used car, and we rented a house for the first 3 years of our marriage. We prefer to spend the money we own, rather than pretending that we are wealthier than we really are.

If we can avoid debts, then we will avoid it by all means. If we can’t, then we will be sure to pay back as fast as possible. Like with the case of the used car we bought, we borrowed a sum of money from a family member and we paid him back in full within 2 years. The car is now ours, debt-free.

So the decision to finally buy a house is not something that was made overnight. It was the result of a long discussion between my wife and I, mostly about how necessary it is to own one and what is the best way to do it.


Build Your Worth

28 April 2017
SMK Felda Purun, Pahang

I was honoured to be given the opportunity to share my experience with the students of SMK Felda Purun.

The main purpose of the sharing session is to empower the audience with confidence, especially in English speaking. This is an issue I find in almost all the schools/colleges/universities I've been to and it is something that I have dedicated my time and energy to in helping, specifically through the Speak Up! Project.

I told them about the voice in their heads that often times interfere with their decision making, trying to stop them from doing amazing things. The voice casts doubts into their hearts about their own potential. But, the voice can be controlled. You can be the master of the voice and not the other way around.

That's quite an abstract thing for me to get across. So I used my traveling experiences, and the challenges that went with it, as a vehicle to get the message understood.

I shared with them my travel experiences …

Are You Actually Depressed, or Confused?

I was at MSU Shah Alam today for a forum about depression. The questions and the feedback were interesting.

One thing that stood out for me was how casually we use the term "depression" in our daily lives, without knowing what it actually means.

Depression is a mental illness, listed in the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Ed. (DSM-5). Depression is only diagnosable by a trained and certified professional (not Google!) and people with depression needs professional help to different degrees.

So when you simply failed a test, don't call that depression.

If you feel like you are depressed but you are unsure, then please seek professional help. They should be able to help you differentiate whether you are clinically depressed or just having a bad day. Try not to Google it, diagnose yourself with a serious mental illness, and start throwing the term around.

When we use the term willy nilly, the actual meaning of the term becomes faded. Just …

The Month of April Started with a Failure

I cancelled an event that was supposed to happen yesterday on April 1st, and I want to tell you why.

A month ago, my team and I planned a Step ONE: Activate Your Confidence! seminar - one of the programs in Speak Up! Project. It was not the first time. The seminar was held many, many times before all over the Peninsula Malaysia. In fact, we already visited all the states in Peninsula Malaysia - from north to south, from east to west.

So why didn't it happen this time?

My diagnosis: We failed in our outreach to people. We couldn't get enough participation to pay for the cost of the program. Hence, we had to cancel it and it was the first time we had to do so. It broke my heart.

In the past, we had events where we barely broke even. We even had events where we lose money. But we didn't cancel it. We powered through. This time, we intend to do the same but we didn't have the financial strength to cover the loses.

So, cancellation was the option we opted for.

There are 2 …

Are You on Autopilot?

Just a thought.

Have you ever prayed and then not realizing that you are already at the end of your prayer?

Have you ever ate and then not realizing that you have finished your plate?

Have you ever went shopping and then not realizing how did you fill up your car boot?

Have you ever feel sad or angry or disappointed and then not realizing what is the source that triggered the emotion?

Have you ever raised a child and then not realizing that the child is now a grown man or a woman?

If you can identify with any of those things, then you might be on autopilot mode. The autopilot mode is a state where you are not aware of what they are doing or how they are doing it or why they are doing what they are doing.

When we are on autopilot mode, we are not really there. Our body might be there, but our mind is somewhere else entirely.


I think, one of the main reasons is because we have trained ourselves to not let go of the past and to worry too much about the future.

That causes us to o…

Increase the Positive

Everybody has a positive side and a negative side. Which side do we choose to focus on?

We should choose to focus on the positive, despite knowing that the negative does exist.

That doesn’t mean that we ignore the negative. If we are in a position where we can make the situation better, then we should take appropriate action to correct the negative. Focus on the positive doesn’t mean that we justify their negative qualities or actions.

I’m talking about being positive, not being naive.

Focus on the positive means that despite being aware of the negative, we make a conscious choice to see the good side of a person. We consciously decide that we would not define the person by his or her negativity, and we don’t make the negative our wallpaper.

The person may or may not deserve our good thoughts. That is up for debate. But this is not about the person. This is about us. How we choose to see people affects how we feel. It is a factor in our emotional wellbeing. If we focus on the negat…

Be Confident, and You Might Surprise Yourself

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about my #1 interview tip: become the confident version of yourself. You can re-read the post here: Interview Tip: Just Be You, The Confident You.

Of course, that's not the only tip available to face an interview, but that is my favourite one and the one that I hold dear. My belief is that the interviewers want to see who you are beyond your resume.

Your resume has already gotten you the interview spot, but once you are in the interview session, they are no longer interested in the resume.

They are interested in you.

So, if you spend too much time focusing and investing in building up your resume, you might end up neglecting your own self. Spend more time building yourself; your talents, skills, and confidence.

It will shine in the interview session. No need to fake it.

Alhamdulillah, I am grateful that I am blessed with the opportunity to attend the International Leadership Programme under the Prince's Trust - a youth charity based in …

4 Signs That You Love What You Study In University

Do you love what you are studying in university?

These are 4 possible signs that you love what you study. If you have these signs, congrats!

#1 I keep thinking about it.

I studied Psychology in university, and I love it! Just like 2 people in love, you can't stop thinking about it. I don’t just think about Psychology when I’m in class and when class is over, that’s it. I think about it a lot in my daily life.

#2 I see real life connections. 

I made connections between what I learned in class with what I experience in life. Not only do I make connections between what I learned with my life, I also make connections with Islam.

Time and time again, I realized that the things that I learned in Psychology are the things that are already there in the Sunna of Prophet Muhammad SAW. I don’t “Islamicize” what I learned. I don’t have to. Rather, I find Islam in what I learned.

I believe that Islam is already there. One just needs the proper lens to find it. Is it not true that between the…

27.02.17 @ INTEC Shah Alam

Topic: Activate Your Confidence

I basically repeated one major point in building and maintaining your confidence level - don't assume what you don't know.

We like to play the guessing game, especially when we face something we know nothing about. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we hate the unknown.

We want to know, and that's fine. But there is one area that we will never truly know. Still, we like to guess.

That area is other people's minds. We love to guess what is in other people's minds, especially what they think about us.

This guessing game has a cost: your confidence. We like to guess the negative and that squashes our confidence level, usually without us realizing it.

"They will think bad of me."

"They must think that I am boring."

"What if they hate me?"

"If I do that, they will call me names!"

Bla...bla...bla...the guessing voices in your head don't seem to stop, do they?

Until you learn to sh…